chihai motor CHR-37GB-520S Permanent magnet DC 12v carbon brush gear motor for robots, smart balance vehicles

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Guangdong, China
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chihai motor
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Car, Home Appliance
Gear Motor

chihai motor CHR-37GB-520S Permanent magnet DC 12v carbon brush gear motor for robots, smart balance vehicles

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Product Description


Chihai motor


CHR-37GB-520S Permanent magnet DC carbon brush gear motor


All metal reducer, body plating treatment

Diameter size:


Axis diameter:

Output shaft diameter 6mmD type D thickness 5.5mm (bulk can be customized)

Output shaft length:

Length 19.5mm (bulk can be customized)


About 270g


Office automation, home automation, production automation, medical equipment, security equipment, robots, smart balance vehicles, etc.

Optional accessories:

Motor mounting bracket, flange coupling, trolley tire and tire coupling, positive and negative drive, etc.

[ product details ] :

1. Pure copper wire winding

The rotor part is made of pure copper, the resistance is small, and the conductivity is strong, which makes the motor torque increase.

2. All metal tooth mechanism

Wear-resistant, strong torque resistance, smooth transmission and compact structure.

3.D-shaped shaft

D-shaped output shaft, more convenient to install, not easy to slip, save installation time

4. Surface plating treatment

Beautiful appearance, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and rust-free.

5. It is not recommended to use frequent jamming or frequent start and reverse rotation during use, which will greatly reduce the service life.

It is recommended to use within the rated load of as much as possible, and the speed reducer of is damaged.

[ Description of motor parts ] :

1. Single motor 1: Single motor 1PCS

2. Motor + steel mounting bracket: Includes Motor 1 PCS steel mounting bracket 1PCS

3. Motor + aluminum bracket: including motor 1 PCS aluminum alloy mounting bracket 1 PCS

4. Motor + flange coupling: including motor 1 PCS flange coupling 1 PCS

5.65 Tire Cover: Includes motor 1 PCS mounting bracket (available in aluminum and steel) 1PCS Hexagonal coupling 1PCS 65mm diameter tire (optional for road and drift) 1PCS

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Shenzhen chihai motor co., LTD., founded in 2002, is a professional manufacturer of micro dc motor and dc reduction motor.We started with micro motor, and then developed a number of series of dc deceleration motor, including straight tooth deceleration motor, planetary deceleration motor, worm deceleration motor.

At present, our company focuses on developing various types of motors with voltage between DC1VC and DC30V, and motor diameter between 8 and 51mm(Including micro dc motor, micro dc deceleration motor, dc brushless motor, stepper motor, hall encoder motor, war game motor, motor related accessories.)

Chihai motor service industries are: robot, intelligent bathroom, intelligent lock, security, electric valve (water valve, air valve, etc.), electric curtain, intelligent cleaning machine, shaking bed, banking system, vending system, medical equipment, beauty instruments, etc.The company has made great breakthroughs in the field of low-noise and high-torque technology, providing innovative solutions with quality, price and service competitiveness for some well-known brands.

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