China OEM KWD Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder With Agricultural Ball Joints with Good quality

KWD Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder With Agricultural Ball Joints

Product Description

Piston Rod Construction
The piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder operates both inside and outside the barrel and consequently both in and out of the
hydraulic fluid and surrounding atmosphere.
Metallic Coatings
Smooth and hard surfaces are desirable on the outer diameter of the piston rod and slide rings for proper sealing. Corrosion resistance is also advantageous. A chromium layer may often be applied on the exterior surfaces of these parts. However, chromium layers may be porous – attracting moisture and eventually causing oxidation.
In harsh marine environments, the steel is often treated with both a nickel layer and a chromium layer – usually 40 to 150
micrometer-thick layers are applied. Sometimes solid stainless steel rods are used. High-quality stainless steel such as AISI 316 may be used for low-stress applications. Other stainless steels such as AISI 431 may also be used where there are higher stresses but lower corrosion concerns.
Ceramic Coatings
Due to the shortcomings of metallic materials, ceramic coatings were developed. Initially, ceramic protection schemes seemed ideal, but porosity was higher than projected. Recently corrosion-resistant semi-ceramic Lunac 2+ coatings were introduced. These hard coatings are non-porous and do not suffer from high brittleness.
Piston rods are generally available in lengths cut to suit the application. As the standard rods have a soft or mild steel core, their ends can be welded or machined for a screw thread.


Company Information

EVER-POWER., founded in 2002, is located in Hangzhou City, 1 of the main manufacturers and exporters of hydraulic cylinders in China. With high-quality products and services, we have won a trustworthy reputation with customers all over the world on the basis of mutual benefit. We firmly believe that reputation and customers are our top priorities. Through 16 years of efforts, we have won customers’ trust at home and abroad. At present, Jinwei hydraulic components have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Brazil, and Colombia. Jinwei hydraulic cylinder has reliable quality, stable performance, and durability. It is completely interchangeable with the original parts. At the same time, through our own product designers, we can provide customized products and accept OEM orders. We will continue to develop new products and improve our services. If you are interested in any of our products or need any similar products, please contact us or visit our website for more details. We look forward to the opportunity to become your supplier in the near future


Our specialized staff is at your disposal for technical consultancy relating to your project and the best type of materials to use based on your application. We primarily work on drawing, preparing personalized projects according to customer needs

Once the project is defined, we produce our technical drawing by CAD 2D-3D systems and supply it to our customer for approval

Raw Materials

An accurate raw materials and seal selection bring to save costs and allow to produce high quality and powerful cylinders. For that reason, in the choice of the material, we consider the application field of our cylinder and the environment where it will work Specifically for chromed bars and tubes, we work only with producers or reliable suppliers

Cylinders Production

We produce about 120.000 cylinders per year, and the whole process develops in our factory: cutting of raw materials, turning and milling machining, components and accessories welding, cylinders mounting, and final testing.

All the above steps are made with the latest generation CNC machines, welding robotized stations, and specially made equipment.