*The working principle, characteristics and use of the coupling

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*The working principle, characteristics and use of the coupling

working principle:

  OnCouplingWhen the coil is not energized, no magnetic flux is generated, and the magnetic powder is in a free state. When the active rotor rotates, the magnetic powder is attached to the outside of the working gap due to the centrifugal force. The active rotor rotates idly and the clutch cannot transmit torque. Work, in a state of being away.When the coil is energized, the magnetic powder is connected in a chain along the magnetic flux. Relying on the shear resistance of the magnetic powder chain and the friction of the two moving parts, the active rotor drives the driven rotor to rotate together to transmit torque and movement. At this time, the clutch Belongs to the state of integration.After the current is disconnected, the magnetic powder quickly restores the non-excited state, releases the control of the clutch, and quickly restores the off state.Through the control of current, multiple functions such as overload protection, clutch, no-load drive, torque adjustment, speed control, tension control, position control and commutation are realized.

Features and uses:

  1. The torque control has a wide range and high control accuracy.The torque is proportional to the exciting current in a fairly wide range, which can improve and simplify the control of the transmission torque, and can be used as a linear adjustment element. 2. It has constant torque. The torque depends only on the size of the excitation current, and has nothing to do with the relative torque of the master and slave sides. It has a constant torque, and its static torque is the same as the dynamic torque. 3. It can transmit a certain torque without impact, vibration, noise, smooth operation, and can be used in occasions with higher working frequency. 4. Less power consumption and less control power. The residual torque when the excitation current is disconnected is very small. The disconnection performance is good. There is no heating phenomenon when idling. The torque stability is good and can be used for precise control. 5. Simple structure, small size, small quality, the magnetic powder does not need to be dry, easy to maintain, the magnetic powder has oxidation resistance, good heat resistance, long life and high reliability. 6 When the driven part is fixed, the torque becomes the braking torque to the rotating part, which can become a magnetic powder coupling or a magnetic powder load.

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