Introduction of spherical roller coupling

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Introduction of spherical roller coupling

In the crane hoisting mechanism, the connection between the output shaft of the reducer and the low-speed rotating drum usually adopts a gear coupling disc, an open gear, a gear coupling, and a statically indeterminate shaft with 3 bearings as a fulcrum. Or a statically determinate shaft with two bearings as the fulcrum.Gear coupling discs are mostly used in small and medium lifting series, with compact structure, good grouping, complex shapes, time-consuming processing, inconvenient to use and heavy lifting cranes; open gear transmission is mostly used for heavy lifting cranes to further reduce speed and increase The distance between the motor and the reel is simple in structure. The exposed gear is inconvenient for lubrication. The tooth surface is very easy to wear and the gear fails quickly. The use of gear coupling will make the distance between the axis of the reel longer and the weight of the mechanism will increase; statically determinate Or the connection of the statically indeterminate shaft requires a long shaft, which can shorten the axial size of the reel, but it is inconvenient to assemble and disassemble, and the reducer cannot be assembled and commissioned separately.Each of these connection types has advantages and disadvantages.

  Spherical roller for crane drumCouplingIt is composed of outer cover, spherical roller, half coupling, inner cover, outer cover, etc.The semi-coupling is connected to the outer sleeve by spherical rollers distributed along the circumference. The spherical rollers are in the hole between the half-coupling and the outer sleeve to transmit torque and bear radial force, and also act as a self-aligning bearing. , It can compensate the angular displacement between the output shaft of the reducer and the axis of the drum, and its mechanism is similar to the elastic pin gear coupling.When in use, the half coupling is sleeved on the output shaft of the reducer, and the outer sleeve is connected with the wire rope drum with high-strength bolts, and the torque and radial load are transmitted between the half coupling and the outer sleeve through spherical rollers.The spherical roller coupling has the performance of compensating the relative displacement of the two shafts, compact structure, light weight, high reliability, convenient installation, and easy to arrange the mechanism on the crane trolley.

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