Introduction to the characteristics of tire coupling

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Introduction to the characteristics of tire coupling

Tire typeCoupling:Using part of the tire-like elastic element, through the bolt and the shaft sleeve to realize the two-axis connection.The coupling has good elasticity and damping characteristics, can compensate the relative displacement of the two shafts, simple structure, low noise, no lubrication, and can purify the working environment. The biggest feature is easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance, and the axis of the host is aligned at one time After the middle, there is no need to move the host when replacing the elastic element, and the elastic element can be replaced quickly, saving time.It can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, water pump, light industry and other industries, partially replacing the existing elastic couplings and gear couplings.The tire coupling produced by Botou Yongxin Coupling Factory has been developed into a series of products for selection.
The tire coupling has the following characteristics: First, the product has excellent cushioning and shock absorption performance, and has excellent compensation performance for axial, radial and angular deviations, which can effectively reduce the equipment during operation. The current peak value is reduced by 50% compared with other couplings.The second is that for the large-scale speed-regulating motor used in the production process, by installing a tire coupling, the additional load between the shafts during the automatic control of the motor can be eliminated, and the flexibility can be improved, which is unmatched by other couplings.The third is through a special process design, in addition to no need to add lubrication, maintenance-free, especially suitable for humid, dusty working environment.The product has low noise, long life, and easy disassembly and assembly during operation, which fundamentally solves the problem of easy damage and short life of other couplings in harsh environments.It fills a gap in my country's coupling products.

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