Introduction of Flexible Couplings with Metal Elastic Elements

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Introduction of Flexible Couplings with Metal Elastic Elements

Flexible metal elastic elementCouplingIt is made of various sheet, cylindrical, coiled and other shapes of metal springs, using the elastic deformation of the metal spring to compensate for the relative deviation of the two shafts, damping, and cushioning, forming flexible couplings with different structures and performances. Device.Metal elastic elements have higher strength than non-metal elastic elements, large load transfer capacity, long service life, large and stable elastic modulus, and are suitable for high-temperature working conditions.

JZM diaphragm shaft for heavy machinery. The diaphragm coupling is composed of several groups of diaphragms (stainless steel thin plate) which are alternately connected with two halves of the coupling with bolts. Each group of diaphragms is formed by stacking several pieces. The pieces are divided into link type and whole piece type of different shapes.
  ● The diaphragm coupling relies on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the relative displacement of the connected two shafts. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with metal elastic elements. It does not require lubrication, has a compact structure, high strength and long service life. , No rotation gap, not affected by temperature and oil pollution, with acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for high temperature, high speed, and corrosive medium shafting. It is widely used in shafting of various mechanical devices. Transmission, such as water pumps (especially high-power, chemical pumps), fans, compressors, hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, aviation (helicopter), high-speed naval power The transmission system, after being dynamically balanced, is commonly used in high-speed transmission shaft systems.

  ● JZM diaphragm for heavy machineryCouplingIt has high mechanical strength, large carrying capacity, light weight, small structure size, high transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy, good reliability, easy assembly and disassembly, and has no relative sliding, no lubrication, long service life, no noise, acid resistance, Alkali, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, can be used in high temperature, low temperature, oil, water and corrosive media working environment.Suitable for medium, high speed and large torque shaft transmission.As well as the shaft transmission of various mechanical devices with little change in load, it is extremely versatile.

  1. Before installation, first check whether the prime mover and the working machine are concentric, whether there are wrapping paper and scratches on the surfaces of the two shafts, whether there are debris in the inner holes of the two half couplings of the coupling, and whether there is any edge of the inner hole. If there are bruises, the shaft and half coupling should be cleaned up, and the bruises should be treated with a fine file.Then check whether the inner hole diameter and length of the two half couplings are consistent with the diameter and shaft elongation of the prime mover and working machine.In general selection, it is better to make the length of the prime mover and the working machine end half-coupling less than its shaft elongation 10-30mm.
  2. In order to facilitate the installation, it is best to put the two half couplings in the 120-150 incubator or oil tank for preheating, so that the inner hole size increases and it is easy to install.After installation, ensure that the shaft head cannot protrude from the end face of the half coupling, and it is better to be flush.Detect the distance between the two halves of the coupling: take the average of the readings of 3 to 4 points measured along the two inner sides of the flange of the half coupling, and the sum of the measured dimensions of the extension and the two diaphragm sets, two The error is controlled within the range of 0-0.4mm.
  3. 找正:用百分表检测两半联轴节法兰盘端面和外圆跳动,当法兰盘外圆小于250mm时跳动值应不大于0.05mm;当法兰盘外圆大于250mm时,跳动值应不大于0.08.

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