How to better choose the correct diaphragm coupling and installation method

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How to better choose the correct diaphragm coupling and installation method

1,  Diaphragm couplingIt is composed of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves.The diaphragm is fastened to the shaft sleeve with a pin and generally does not loosen or cause backlash between the diaphragm and the shaft sleeve.Some manufacturers provide two diaphragms, and others provide three diaphragms, with one or two rigid elements in the middle, and the two sides are connected to the shaft sleeve.
2. The difference between the single diaphragm coupling and the double diaphragm coupling is the ability to handle various deviations. In view of the complex bending of the diaphragm, the single diaphragm coupling is not suitable for eccentricity.The dual-diaphragm coupling can simultaneously bend in different directions to compensate for eccentricity.Valve inlet pump
3. DiaphragmCouplingThis characteristic is a bit like a bellows coupling, in fact the way the coupling transmits torque is similar.The diaphragm itself is very thin, so it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated, so it can withstand up to 1.5 degrees of deviation, while generating a lower bearing load in the servo system.
4. Diaphragm couplings are often used in servo systems. Diaphragms have good torque rigidity, but are slightly inferior to bellows couplings.
5. On the other hand, the diaphragm coupling is very delicate, and it is easy to be damaged if it is misused or not installed correctly during use.Therefore, it is very necessary to ensure that the deviation is within the tolerance range of the normal operation of the coupling.
6. Choosing a suitable coupling is a key step to make good use of the coupling. You have to consider what type of coupling to choose in the design stage.

CouplingThe overall dimensions, that is, the maximum radial and axial dimensions, must be within the installation space allowed by the machine and equipment.Choose a coupling that is convenient for assembly and disassembly, does not require maintenance, has a long maintenance period or is convenient for maintenance, does not need to move the two shafts to replace the wearing parts, and is easy to adjust the centering.

It is difficult to adjust the alignment of the two shafts of large machinery and equipment, so you should choose a coupling that is durable and easy to replace wearing parts.Metal elastic element flexibilityCouplingGenerally, the service life of flexible couplings is longer than that of non-metal elastic elements.The need to seal and lubricate and the use of undurable couplings will inevitably increase the maintenance workload.For occasions with long-term continuous operation and high economic benefits, such as the high-speed end of the rolling mill transmission system of my country's metallurgical enterprises, gear couplings are currently commonly used. Although gear couplings theoretically transmit large torque, they must be Durable work can only be done under conditions of good lubrication and sealing.In addition, it is necessary to frequently check the sealing condition and inject lubricating oil or grease. The maintenance workload is large, which increases the auxiliary working hours, reduces the effective working time, and affects the production efficiency.

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