Expansion coupling sleeve

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    BulgeAdvantages of tight coupling sleeves:

    1) The use of the expansion sleeve makes the manufacture and installation of the main machine parts simple. The processing of the shaft and the hole connected with the expansion sleeve does not require high-precision manufacturing tolerances like the interference fit. The installation of the expansion sleeve does not require heating, cooling or pressure The equipment only needs to tighten the torque required by the bolts, and the adjustment is convenient. The hub can be conveniently adjusted to the required position on the shaft, and it can also be used to connect parts with poor weldability.

    2) The expansion sleeve has a long service life and high strength. It relies on friction transmission, and there is no keyway weakening to the connected parts, and no relative movement, so there will be no wear during work.

    3) When the expansion sleeve is overloaded, the connection will be lost, which can protect the equipment from damage.

    4) The expansion sleeve connection can bear multiple loads, and its structure can be made into a variety of styles. According to the size of the installation load, multiple expansion sleeves can also be used in series.

    5) The tight sleeve connection is easy to disassemble and has good interchangeability. When disassembling, loosen the bolts to easily loosen the connected parts. When the contact surface is tightly attached, it is not easy to produce rust, and it is also convenient for connection and disassembly. .

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