Installation skills of diaphragm coupling

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The bolt is an important part of the double diaphragm coupling. The installation of the bolt directly affects the performance and life of the coupling and the safety in the working process.

 Bolts are doubleDiaphragm couplingThe installation of bolts directly affects the performance and life of the coupling, as well as the safety in the working process.If installed improperly, it will cause a certain amount of waste of manpower and wear and tear of accessories, which will increase the burden on the enterprise and affect the profit.Therefore, the correct installation technique is the key.

When installing the dual-diaphragm coupling, do not drop any parts, including spring washers, and remember not to install it backwards.Only in this way can the bolt assembly exert its excellent performance and will not damage other parts of the coupling.
Botou XINLAN Coupling Co., Ltd. provides various types of diaphragm couplings. The material used for the diaphragm is imported stainless steel. It has been processed by XINLAN Coupling Factory's * process-vacuum heat treatment and cryogenic treatment, which not only guarantees the material The strength ensures the toughness of the material.
Correct installation of bolts for double diaphragm couplings: insert the bolts from the outside of the small hole in the flange, and then into the diaphragm hole (pay attention to the direction of the diaphragm, the diaphragm is composed of many single sheets, rivets and rivet washers, The rivet washer should be in contact with the buffer sleeve, otherwise it will affect the service life of the rivet set), and then insert the buffer sleeve from the outside of the large hole of the flange plate, the elastic washer, and pay attention to the bolt when tightening the nut. Do not turn, because the surface of the bolt and flange mating section is a very important mating section for torque transmission, and the integrity of the surface directly affects the performance.
The gap between the bolt fitting section of the double diaphragm coupling and the flange hole fitting section is generally based on the bolt diameter of 0.20mm to 0.30mm. This fitting section plays a key role in transmitting torque. If the gap exceeds the standard, it must be replaced.The diameter gap between the inner hole of the buffer sleeve and the diaphragm rivet and the bolt is 0.5mm~0.7mm, which plays the role of pressing and positioning the diaphragm.If the bolt is installed in the direction of the bolt, it is easy to cause the bolt to deviate, and the diaphragm will be twisted and deformed as a result.Therefore, you must pay attention to the direction of the bolt when installing the bolt. Do not install the bolt direction at will. Otherwise, the diaphragm will be twisted, and long-term operation will damage the surface of the diaphragm and the bolt mating section, and the small hole of the semi-shaft joint.
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