Brief introduction of chain coupling summary

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The chain coupling uses a common chain, and at the same time it engages with side-by-side sprockets with the same number of teeth. The structure of the chain coupling is mainly different from the use of the chain.

 Chain couplingA common chain is used, and at the same time, the parallel sprocket with the same number of teeth is engaged. The structure of the chain coupling is mainly different from the use of the chain.We usually have double-row roller chain couplings and single-row roller chainsCoupling, Toothed chain coupling, nylon coupling, etc.The characteristic of the chain coupling is simple structure, generally composed of four separate parts, easy to disassemble, no need to move the shafts at both ends of the coupling when disassembling, compact size, light weight, certain compensation ability, no requirement for installation accuracy A series of advantages such as high, reliable operation, long service life and low cost.The technicians of Botou XINLAN Coupling Co., Ltd. concluded that chain couplings can be used for shaft transmission of textile, agricultural machinery, lifting and transportation, engineering, mining, light industry, chemical industry and other machinery.It is suitable for high temperature, humidity and dusty working environment, not suitable for high speed, severe impact load and transmission of axial force. The chain coupling should work under the conditions of good lubrication and a protective cover. It has a simple structure and a simple installation. Easy to disassemble.There is an idle stroke during reverse rotation, so it is not suitable for reverse transmission with a large impact load.

So what are the reasons for the failure of the chain coupling? Let's summarize: First, the coupling overload and overload operation will cause damage to the coupling itself, and the second is the chain or sprocket length. Excessive wear and tear over time, and then the chain coupling is not installed with a cover, which causes the chain to rust and break.
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