Plum blossom cushion

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    Specializing in the production of various models of high qualityPolyurethane plum cushion.Plum blossom cushions are also called plum blossom elastomers, coupling elastomers, star elastomers, polyurethane plum blossom cushions, plum blossom elastic cushions, coupling elastic cushions, etc., which are suitable for coupling coupling to play a buffering role.The products are made of polyurethane materials with different hardness according to the different use environment, and distinguished by different colors.The materials used in our factory are all high-quality domestic and imported polyurethane materials, with high wear resistance, high resilience, oil and water resistance, excellent fatigue strength and impact resistance, etc., which not only greatly increase the service life of the product, but also improve it. The coupling is well protected.
    Various types of polyurethane plum cushions are as follows:MTPlum blossom cushion (MT1-MT13),GRPlum blossom cushion(GR19-GR125),GSPlum blossom cushion(GS9-GS38).TType hexagonal backrest wheel pad (hexagonal elastic pad), plum blossom pad for hydraulic coupling (YOX), and various non-standard plum blossom pads.Factory direct sales, high quality and low price, complete models, welcome new and old customers to inquire and negotiate.Professional quality, trustworthy!
    MTPlum blossom cushion
    MT plum-shaped elastic cushion, also calledMTPlum blossom cushion, plum blossom elastic cushion, plum blossom elastomer, coupling elastic cushion, etc., suitable forMLSeries and other couplings play a buffer role.Executive standard:GB / T 5272-85.Model range:MT1-MT13,hardnessShoreA95±2A.Color: yellow/White.The products are made of high-quality polyurethane materials, with high wear resistance, high resilience, oil and water resistance, and excellent fatigue strength and impact resistance, making the product quality even better!

    GRPlum blossom cushion
    standardGRStar-shaped elastic cushion, suitable forXLSeries and other couplings are also called star-shaped plum blossom cushions, star-shaped elastomers, star cushions, etc.Standard source: GermanyKTR.Model rangeGR19-GR125, Can also be marked asXL1-XL13.hardness:Shore92A,95A

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