Material used for flange coupling

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Material used for flange coupling

  XINLAN analysis flangeCouplingThe material can be gray cast iron or carbon steel, and cast steel or forged steel should be used under heavy load or when the peripheral speed is greater than 30 m/s.Flange couplings have high requirements for the neutrality of the two shafts. When there is relative displacement between the two shafts, it will cause additional loads in the machine parts and worsen the working conditions. This is its main disadvantage.However, due to its simple structure, low cost, and large torque transmission, it is often used when the speed is low, there is no impact, the shaft is rigid, and the neutrality is good.Flange coupling is a rigid coupling. It connects two flanged half couplings to the two shafts with ordinary flat keys, and then connects the two half couplings into one body with bolts to transmit motion And torque.This kind of coupling has two main structural forms: ①The reaming hole uses bolts to realize the centering of the two shafts and the bolt rod to withstand extrusion and shear to transmit torque; ②Rely on a half coupling The shoulder is aligned with the groove on the other half coupling to be centered.The bolts connecting the two half-couplings can be ordinary bolts of grade A and B, and the torque is transmitted by the frictional moment of the joint surface of the two half-couplings.

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