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    There are many types of couplings. According to the relative position and position changes of the two shafts connected, they can be divided into: ①Fixed couplings.It is mainly used in places where two shafts require strict alignment and no relative displacement during work. The structure is generally simple, easy to manufacture, and the instantaneous speed of the two shafts is the same, mainly including flange couplings, sleeve couplings, and clamps Shell couplings, etc. ②Removable coupling.It is mainly used where the two shafts are deviated or have relative displacement during work. According to the method of compensating displacement, it can be divided into rigid movable coupling and elastic movable coupling.Rigid movable coupling uses the dynamic connection between the working parts of the coupling to have a certain direction or several directions of mobility to compensate, such as jaw coupling (allowing axial displacement), cross groove coupling (Used to connect two shafts with small parallel displacement or angular displacement), universal coupling (used in places where the two shafts have a large deflection angle or a large angular displacement during work), gear coupling (Comprehensive displacement allowed), chain couplings (radial displacement allowed), etc., elastic movable couplings (referred to as elastic couplings) use the elastic deformation of elastic elements to compensate for the deflection and displacement of the two shafts, and at the same time Elastic elements also have cushioning and vibration reduction properties, such as serpentine spring couplings, radial multilayer leaf spring couplings, elastic ring pin couplings, nylon pin couplings, rubber sleeve couplings, etc. .Some couplings have been standardized.When choosing, you should first select the appropriate type according to the work requirements, and then calculate the torque and speed according to the diameter of the shaft, and then find the applicable model from the relevant manual, and then make the necessary check calculations for some key parts.

    Corporate culture is the spiritual driving force for corporate development and the personality basis for brand management.Botou XINLAN Coupling Co., Ltd. mainly produces plum blossom couplings, diaphragm couplings, star couplings, universal couplings and other coupling products. In the process of growth and development, it attaches great importance to And continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, and establish the following core content of corporate culture with distinctive characteristics:

    XNUMX. Taking "Customer Satisfaction" as the corporate orientation

      Pursuing and continuing to create user satisfaction is the core goal we put in our efforts and strive for. XINLAN couplings will firmly establish the service concept and quality awareness, and improve the service quality and quality level.

    XNUMX. Regarding "learning and innovation" as the core driving force for enterprise development

      Under the new economic conditions where knowledge is rapidly updated and rules are constantly changing, creating an innovative learning team is the fundamental weapon for an enterprise to succeed in the market.Promote the superior concept of "learning as the source, innovation first" to all employees, create a favorable environment and conditions for learning and innovation, and continuously strengthen technological innovation, market innovation and management innovation based on concept innovation.

    XNUMX. Always maintain a "pioneering and enterprising" corporate mentality

      No matter under any conditions or in any process, always maintain the positive attitude of the winners, have the courage to pioneer, strive for progress, and have full confidence and perseverance in the future and development of the enterprise.

    XNUMX. Fully highlight the construction of a "pragmatic and rational" style of work

      Enterprises are "made", not "sit down".Always emphasizing the principle of the supremacy of action is the core force for an enterprise to become stronger and bigger; to implement a rational style of doing things is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy growth of an enterprise.

    XNUMX. High attention to "target results" and vigorously promote performance culture

      All staff must take the goal as the guideline and emphasize the result first.Maintain the consistency, effectiveness, and achievability of goals and results, and achieve the effective unity of corporate goals, departmental goals, and personal goals on the basis of ensuring the achievement of corporate goals.Take performance as a benchmark, and use performance as an important basis for evaluating the value of enterprises, departments, and individuals.

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