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  • How to find the alignment error of the coupling and the solution to the error

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    How to find the alignment error of the coupling early and take measures in time

    In chemical plants, 50% to 70% of the damage to the transmission equipment is caused by the out-of-alignment of the coupling. The direct loss is the cost of replacing spare parts, and the indirect loss is the unplanned shutdown which causes greater downtime profit loss. , How to detect the alignment error of the coupling early and take timely measures to avoid the expansion of losses is a serious concern in chemical plants. Vibration analysis is one of the techniques to predict the misalignment of the coupling. It can judge the state of the equipment. However, when judging whether a piece of equipment is in a misaligned state, it is necessary to have a lot of past data and examples for reference, and it is also necessary to distinguish whether it is a bearing, lubricating oil, coupling, or a fixed connection problem, so there is Certain limitations.Infrared photography technology can distinguish overheated parts such as bearings, motor housings, couplings, etc. when the equipment is in poor condition, and determine the alignment error of the coupling, combined with other prediction technologies such as vibration analysis , Its effect will be better.If there is an error, you need to re-align or re-align the reducer side, or re-align the reel side.First find out the part with larger offset error. This is to first measure which side of the coupling is offset, that is, measure the levelness and coaxiality of the main shaft and the level and coaxiality of the reducer main shaft, and then press the quality again. The fault can be eliminated by leveling and aligning the scale.

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