LXJ to intermediate shaft coupling

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    LXJ connecting intermediate shaft type star elastic coupling (JB/T 10466-2004)

      ●The scope of application and performance characteristics of the LXJ intermediate shaft type star elastic coupling
       This coupling is made of engineering plastics as an elastic element. It is suitable for connecting two coaxial transmission shafts. It has the properties of compensating for the relative deviation of the two shafts, cushioning, shock absorption, and wear resistance. It is suitable for general occasions and transmit a torque of 20- 35000.NM, working temperature -35-+80 degrees Celsius and interchangeable with German ROTEX coupling.The polyurethane elastomer is limited by the convex claw block, which can avoid internal deformation caused by impact and external deformation caused by centrifugal force; the large concave surface of the convex claw makes the surface pressure on the involute tooth very small, even if the tooth is overloaded, The teeth will not wear or deform.

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