Coupling deviation

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Coupling deviation

1. FlexibilityCouplingIt can transmit torque and rotation angle, and absorb shaft deviation. When the installation deviation exceeds the allowable value, vibration may occur or the life of the coupling may be shortened. Therefore, ensure that the deviation is adjusted appropriately.
  2. There are three kinds of shaft deviation, namely radial deviation, angular deviation and axial deviation.Please adjust the deviation so that it is lower than the allowable value listed in the specification table of each product.
  3. The maximum deviation tolerance listed in each product refers to the case where only one deviation exists. When two or more deviations exist at the same time, the allowable value should be less than 1/ of the maximum deviation in each specification table. 2.
  4. Deviations do not only occur in equipment assembly. Vibration, thermal expansion, bearing wear, etc. during the work process can cause deviations.Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the axial deviation to less than 1/3 of the maximum value.

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