The main gap between my country's coupling functional parts industry and overseas

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The main gap between my country's coupling functional parts industry and overseas

My countryCouplingThe main gap between the functional component industry and overseas is: the level of specialized production is not high; there is also a low-level duplication of process equipment and testing methods; information management is lagging; the industrialization process is slow; personalized services cannot keep up.From the perspective of the overall level of products, we are below the well-known brand products of developed countries and above the middle-to-upper level of developing countries.Among them, the gap between low- and mid-range products and similar foreign products is small or basically the same, but the production efficiency is far lower than that of foreign products.
In the mid-to-late 20s, my country’s coupling industry began to carry out large-scale structural transformation of cloth-covered V-belt cords, and successively developed and manufactured cord coating equipment and single-drum forming machines. The double-drum forming method was widely used and developed For the fourth-generation cord molding machine, the vulcanization process generally uses a warp open-close vulcanizing tank.For cutting edge V-belts, V-ribbed belts and timing belts, which represent one of the development directions of transmission belts, it also produces short-fiber film splicing machines, DCV multi-function forming machines, etc.The vulcanization process has adopted a steam-heated pressurized vulcanizing tank or a steam-heated water pressurized vulcanizing tank.

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