Characteristics and application occasions of various couplings

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Characteristics and application occasions of various couplings

rigidityCoupling: Rigid coupling has high rigidity.
Elastic coupling: The elastic coupling has high rigidity, that is, it can absorb large installation errors.
Miniature coupling: The miniature coupling has a small volume, and at the same time has a certain degree of rigidity and elasticity, which can be used in precision micro-mechanical occasions.
Clutch: Clutch is a device used for transmission separation and pull-in. It is divided into electromagnetic clutches, pneumatic clutches and other types, with a wide range of applications.
Pneumatic clutch: Pneumatic clutch is a kind of clutch controlled by air pressure for separation and pull-in, and it has a wide range of applications.
Electromagnetic clutch: The electromagnetic clutch is a connector that transmits the rotational force of the driving side to the driven side, and can be connected or disconnected freely as required.
Magnetic powder clutch: The electromagnetic magnetic powder clutch is a clutch that uses magnetic powder as the transmission medium to realize functions such as tension control.
Imported clutches: many imported brands.
Claw clutch: The claw clutch is named after its suction surface is tooth-shaped. It has the characteristics of small volume and large torque. It is also called electromagnetic tooth clutch.
Overrunning clutch: Overrunning clutch is also called one-way bearing, one-way clutch, backstop, and it has a wide range of applications.
Electromagnetic brake: Electromagnetic brake, also known as electromagnetic brake, is used to control the positioning and emergency stop of rotary motion.
Japanese clutches: The main brands of Japanese clutches are OGURA, Kobelco SHINKO and so on.
German clutches: The main brands of German clutches are Lenze, KEB, etc.
Servo coupling: The special servo coupling is mainly used for the connection of servo motors and stepper motor system peripheral devices (such as ball screws).
Encoder coupling: Encoder coupling is mainly used to connect encoders and peripheral equipment to accurately transmit speed signals.
Construction machineryCoupling: Construction machinery couplings are mainly installed between the engine and the hydraulic pump, and need to have great shock absorption performance, mainly rubber resin couplings

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