Couplings are used in various complete sets of equipment in the national economy

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Couplings are used in various complete sets of equipment in the national economy

CouplingIt is a connector between power and load, which is widely used in all kinds of complete sets of equipment in the national economy.However, because the coupling is the "small supporting role" in the complete set of equipment, it has received little attention.There are more than one hundred coupling manufacturers in my country, but most of them are endlessly imitating old and low-end coupling products from abroad.So far, there has not been a flagship company with independent intellectual property rights, independent research and development, mass production, and sales of innovative couplings at home and abroad, so that 500% of the high-end coupling products adopted by the top 90 domestic companies rely on import.In the 90s, several researchers and senior engineers who had been engaged in high-speed transmission engineering and aero-engine design and research for many years, and were about to retire, began the long march of research on flexible couplings, an important basic component of mechanical engineering.Huang Tianfan, an aero engine designer who has been engaged in the research of aerospace high-speed transmission engineering all his life, is the leader of this project. After more than ten years of painstaking research after his retirement, he has obtained 5 national* authorizations for elastic/flexible couplings, which includes elasticity. 6 independently innovative flexible/elastic coupling series including couplings and flexible couplings.However, due to the difficulty of finding funds, I have not been able to transform the results into tangible commodities.
  During the shutdown inspection in June 2009, it was found that the auxiliary coupling was partially damaged. The unit has been running for 6 6 hours from the time it was put into operation to the time when the auxiliary coupling was found to be faulty, and the number of ignition starts was 500.This article describes the failure of the auxiliary coupling of the gas turbine in operation and its diagnosis process, analyzes the cause of the failure, and proposes key technical measures to solve the problem. 570. Preliminary inspection of the fault judged that the vibration level of the gas turbine No. 1 bearing in March 2001 was 3 mm/s (before that the vibration of the No. 1 bearing was basically about 3 mm/s), and the vibration of the No. 1 bearing in April increased gradually. To 3 mm/s, and in May, the vibration of the No. 4 bearing gradually increased to 1 mm/s, and when the criticality was exceeded, the vibration sometimes reached 4 mm/s, and its vibration tended to gradually increase.

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