Universal coupling is the key equipment to save energy

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Universal coupling is the key equipment to save energy

universalCouplingIt is a key equipment for energy saving.According to online media statistics, the current domestic motors with variable loads and energy-saving potential are at least 1.8 million kilowatts, which provides an extremely huge market for the application of couplings.The application of couplings has been expanded from common fans and pumps to food, beverages, logistics, buildings, etc., and new energy-saving fields have been continuously expanded. Its functions have also been improved and diversified. On the one hand, it is fully digital, fully functional, and capable. Adaptive and self-tuning technology to compensate for load changes, especially distributed high-end couplings with communication, networking functions and integrated PLC; on the other hand, simple or industry-specific couplings and mechatronics, miniaturized Coupling.In addition, due to the advent of new high-voltage power electronic devices, high-voltage and medium-voltage couplings have also made considerable progress.Types of universal couplings The two shafts connected by universal couplings will cause changes in the relative positions of the two shafts due to manufacturing and installation errors, deformation after loading, and the effects of temperature changes. Strict alignment is often not guaranteed. middle.According to whether the coupling has elastic elements, whether it has the ability to compensate various relative displacements, that is, whether it can maintain the connection function and the purpose of the coupling under the condition of relative displacement, the coupling can be divided into rigid couplings, Flexible coupling and * coupling.
     *Coupling transfers movement and torque, overload* protection.Flexible* couplings also have different degrees of compensation performance, including pin type, friction type, magnetic powder type, centrifugal type, hydraulic type, etc.* couplings.

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