DC Type drum gear couplings for hoist drum for winding drum for pumps

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China Guangdong (Mainland)
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Drum Gear Couplings
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Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Retail, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Metallurgy
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DC Type Drum Gear Coupling
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Aodisi DC Type Drum Gear Couplings for Hoist Drum/Winding Drum/Pumps

Drum Gear Coupling


The drum type toothed coupling is a flexible coupling mainly used for connecting the output shaft of the speed reducer of the lifting device to the wire rope reel, and is also suitable for other similar transfer mechanical devices that are subject to radial loads, but cannot be used as drives that are subject to axial loads. The characteristics of the drum-type gear coupling for DC series reel are: it can transmit large torque, has large radial bearing capacity, can compensate axis offset, can be applied to ordinary shaft extension reducer, compact structure, folding adjustment Convenient, with wear indication, safe and reliable, especially suitable for hoisting mechanism of lifting equipment.

Specific models: DC01A, DC01B, DC02A, DC02B, DC03A, DC03B, DC35A, DC35B, DC04A, DC04B, DC05A, DC05B, DC55A, DC55B, DC06A, DC06B, DC65A, DC65B, DC07A, DC07B, DC08A, DC08B, DC09A, DC09B , DC10A, DC10B.

·Norminal Torque: 4kN. M – 800kN. M

Radial Load: 14.5~450KN

Working Temperature: -25~+80°C

·Features and applications: For cranes, lifting mechanism coupling reducer and roll and other similar institutions join, can transmit torque and bearing radial load, compact structure. Stable and reliable.

Compared with other reel couplings, the reel drum coupling has the following features:

1.Stable and reliable, able to withstand large radial loads and transmit large torque, large overload capacity

2.Compact and robust, serial design simplifies the structure of the machine and reduces the weight of the machine

3.Good positioning performance, easy installation and adjustment, easy maintenance

4.Can be equipped with a common shaft extension reducer to reduce equipment costs

5. Equiped with abrasion finger, safe and stable.

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