High Transmission Efficiency Hydraulic Press Drum Gear Coupling

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High Transmission Efficiency Hydraulic Press Drum Gear Coupling

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Product Description

1. Revolutionary Innovation for Coupling

The successful development of hydraulic coupling is a great revolution to traditional coupling industry.

A. Where It Is Originated

Years ago, scientist Blaise Pascal found the law of liquid delivering pressure. Liquid will exert pressure evenly to the wall of its container who has a certain shape. By using this law, Beijing Baska Guanhua Technology Co., Ltd, the exclusive strategic cooperative partner of Sweden Baska in China, has successfully developed many high quality products. Today, we have developed a new generation productHydraulic Press Coupling, through combining Sweden Baska advanced technology and the characteristics of the market demand in China.

B. Application of the Law

Inject a certain amount of hydraulic medium into a bushing who has interlayer, and with the help of screw and piston or an external working pump, pressure will be evenly delivered to the contact surface of shaft and hub. With the influence of pressure, the bushing will expand evenly around the contact surface to generate an evenly distributed contact pressure. With applying the law, Baska hydraulic press coupling are featured by compact design, quick installation, easy positioning, small vibration, high transmission efficiency, no joint surface damage and quick removal. These characteristics will help clients to save more time and cost, creating more value.

2. Advantages of hydraulic press drum gear coupling over traditional couplings

A. Comparison with expanding-sleeve coupling

B. Troubles brought by traditional keyed-connection coupling

a. Traditional coupling transmits torque through various keyed connection. To those whose rated torque is comparatively large, the key groove will weaken the intensity and loading capacity of shaft. Under the certain working conditions, this can be solved by increasing the shaft diameter, which results the bigger equipment size and cost.

b. The installation and dismantling of traditional coupling is very hard and time-consuming. Forcibly removing the coupling may also damage the coupling and shaft, which will influence the normal operation of equipment and bring an economic loss.

All problems mentioned above can be well resolved with using hydraulic grid coupling.

3. Product models of hydraulic press drum gear coupling:

4. Customize your product

1. Application to: e.g. conveyor, crusher, compressor, etc.

2. Driving end related parameters:

Motor power(KW):

Motor rotation speed(rpm):

Reducer speed ratio:

For cylindrical shaft, please provide:

Shaft end gap length B(mm):

Center height H(mm):

High speed shaft:

Driving end: shaft diameter d1(mm), shaft length L1(mm),

key groove width b(mm), key groove depth t(mm);

Driven end: shaft diameter d2(mm), shaft length L2(mm),

key groove width b(mm), key groove depth t(mm);

Low speed shaft:

Driving end: shaft diameter d1(mm), shaft length L1(mm),

key groove width b(mm), key groove depth t(mm);

Driven end: shaft diameter d2(mm), shaft length L2(mm),

key groove width b(mm), key groove depth t(mm);


1. If you do not provide B or H, it is defaulted to enough space for installation based on parameters in catalog.

2. If your requirement is different from this drawing, please provide your technical drawing.

Packaging & Shipping




Standard export wooden package with fumigation or client required package.


About 30 to 45 days after receiving down payment.

The accurate time is determined by the model of product.

Payment term

T/T, L/C, West Union

Customer service

The time of warranty is one year.

During the time of warranty, if the products damage, we would give response during 48 hours and send technician to handle.

Company Information

Beijing Baska Guanhua Technology Co., Ltd was established in Beijing on 28th March, 2013. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tonghua Mining Machinery Co., Ltd-a professional mining machinery supplier in China. Tonghua was founded in 1998 and is located in Datong, Shanxi province, which is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, hydraulic grid coupling, backstop and coal washing equipment, etc. It occupies an area of 161,334m2 and has more than 2,200 employees. We have excellent teams who focus on product design & development, quality control & inspection and company running. We also have a large-scale production capacity. Every year we normally produce about 600 sets of belt conveyors, 100 sets of scraper conveyors and 90 sets of coal washing equipment, etc.In 2006, Tonghua gained both ISO 9001 International Quality Certificate and ISO 14001 International Environmental Certificate and had established a comprehensive modern enterprise management mode.For a dozen years we have consistently followed the fundamental principles of survival starts from quality, benefits derive from management and development comes from trust.

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