Precision custom magnetic gear pump for industrial application

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Sen Long
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Industrial Magnet, vacuum machines, electronics, chemical, etc
NdFeB Magnet

Non-contact magnetic transmission

product description

The magnetic wheel is a non-contact power transmission device that utilizes the principle of interaction between the suction and repulsive force of the magnet.

The magnetic wheel is a non-contact state driven product on LCD, PDP, PCB, TFT, OLED, SOLAR CELL and other production lines thatneedin a clean environmentand do not allow fine impurities . It can replace mechanical gears driven by friction.

It can fundamentally eliminate the problem of dust generated when using conventional mechanical gears. In addition, the use of NdFeB permanent magnets with excellent characteristics is characterized by high power transmission capability, no noise and no need to replace parts, and can be used semi-permanently.

Solved the problem of not causing any damage even if abnormal load occurs.

Product Features

Dustfree Environment

Using magnetic force, in non-contact state, it can be transmitted by torque, and the product can be delivered in a vacuum that requires a dust-free environment.

Low gas discharge

Large machines to vacuum machines, in order to reduce gas, according to special surface treatment, can be used in 10-5PA environment

Very low voice

It has an unimaginable subwoofer effect in transmission equipment such as gears and conveyor belts, which can provide a clean and tidy production environment.

Torque limit function

If an abnormal load is generated, the two magnetic gears will each rotate to achieve the torque limit function. In addition, because it is a non-contact environment and has no mechanical wear, it has a longer service life than previous transmission tools such as gears.

Lower cost

It is not necessary to replace parts due to wear and tear, thus reducing operating costs. Because even if vacuum standby is repeated, there is no performance impact at all, so there is no need for complicated and expensive design.

Production Processing & Quality Control

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Company Information

Sen Long East Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd established in 2007. Now we have more than 15000 square meters production plant, 500 employees, 25 engineers, 32 senior technicians and20 managerial personnel.

From our establishing, we are specialized in magnetic materials and plastic hardware assembly technology research, and can provide the most optimized magnetic circuit design and applications.




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