The working principle of CL gear coupling

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The gear coupling is used to connect the main shaft and the low-speed shaft of the reducer. This lifting accessory coupling can transmit the maximum torque, and can compensate for the slight error between the two axes, but it cannot mitigate the impact.

 ToothedCouplingIt is used to connect the main shaft and the low-speed shaft of the reducer. This lifting accessory coupling can transmit the largest torque, and can compensate for the small error between the two axes, but can not mitigate the impact.

CL type gear couplingThe connection method belongs to the classification of the removable rigid coupling. The gear coupling is composed of two housings with internal teeth and two external teeth sleeves with external teeth. The sleeve and the shaft use keys. For connection, the two shells are connected into one body with bolts, and a seal ring is arranged between the shell and the sleeve of the CL gear coupling.The number of teeth of the internal gear is equal to that of the external gear, so they mesh with each other.Generally, an involute tooth profile with a pressure angle of 20° is used.When working, torque is transmitted by meshing gear teeth.Because there is a large gap between the internal gear and the external gear, it can compensate for the misalignment and deflection of the two shafts. In order to reduce the wear of the gear teeth and the frictional resistance of the relative displacement, the internal and external teeth contact and rub each other. Fill the place with lubricating oil.Researchers from Botou XINLAN Coupling Co., Ltd. concluded that the angular displacement of CL type gear coupling is allowed to be 30'.Gear coupling has radial, axial and angular axis deviation compensation capabilities, compact structure, small turning radius, large transmission torque, high transmission efficiency, low noise and long maintenance cycle, etc., especially suitable for low-speed heavy Load conditions, such as metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation industries, and also suitable for shafting transmission of various heavy machinery such as petroleum, chemical, general machinery and so on.
  In the crane operating mechanism, when the electric motor is energized, electromagnetic torque is generated. The torque is transmitted to the reducer through the brake wheel coupling, transmission shaft, and gear coupling, and transmitted to the low-speed shaft gear coupling after being reduced by gear transmission. The axle device also drives the wheels in the wheel set to rotate, and under the action of the adhesion force generated between the big wheel and the top surface of the track, the active wheel eye of the cart rolls on the top surface of the cart track, thereby driving the entire crane to run.
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