Design Trends of Domestic Diaphragm Couplings

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    DomesticDiaphragmDeviceThe design and manufacturing have reached a level comparable to that of foreign countries, and a considerable amount of application performance has also been accumulated in the high-speed and high-power fields.Domestic OEMs and end users have already gained widespread recognition.From the previous experience, the use of domestic diaphragm couplings has at least the following advantages:
     (1)The technical support is timely and sufficient, and the coupling selection can be optimally matched with the unit to achieve the best use effect.Using domestic manufacturers' products, the two parties can communicate directly during the unit design process and fully negotiate on performance parameters, structural dimensions, etc.Moreover, this kind of communication is more direct and effective, which can save time and improve design efficiency.
     (2)After-sales service responds quickly, especially the supply cycle of spare parts is greatly shortened.Domestic suppliers have a short production and delivery cycle, and can flexibly respond to changes in demand, and can respond quickly to emergency needs.In recent years, the service awareness of professional manufacturers has been significantly strengthened, and service capabilities and service quality have been continuously improved.
     (3)Product price advantage is obvious, especially the price of spare parts is very low.Under normal circumstances, the price of domestic diaphragm couplings is only a fraction of the imported price.For the host manufacturer, it can reduce the cost of the complete set, and for the end user, it can quickly obtain technical support and spare parts supply at a very low price in the follow-up operation.

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